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Prime Ko Japanese Steakhouse

Address: 217 West 85th Street, New York, NY
Square feet: 5,400
Completed: April, 2010
Client: Joey Allaham
Lighting Designer: Steve Katz/Lumescent
Caroline Owens

The new two story kosher steakhouse is a complete gut renovation of a former Mexican Restaurant. It is owned and operated by the gifted Joey Allaham whose family background is in the food business (he is descended from a long line of kosher butchers). Joey owns two other kosher eateries in New York. This is his first foray into the particular precincts of the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The project features a handsome first floor dining room that opens onto the West 85th Street and will have a sidewalk café. A broad stair leads customers down to the lower level dining room. Getting customers in Manhattan to dine downstairs has historically been problematic. But here the problems have been solved by putting a lively bar there, along with a sushi bar and lots of dining. No lower level dining space can be successful without perfect lighting. The lighting here was designed by Steve Katz of Lumescent Design in New York. It includes illuminated walls and subtle glowing lighting throughout. Together with warm woods and intense accents of color, Prime Ko is a strong addition to the very limited kosher dining choices in the city.

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